Mushroom & Asparagus Pasta

There’s not even time to grab plates when this wee salad hits my table! 

Hubby & Mini Me are in there with fighting irons (forks) blazing to greedily devour these ever so tantalising morsels.


As you’ve probably heard from me before, I absolutely can not stand lettuce in a salad! It’s just one of those personal pet hate things that we all have in some way, shape or form. I love warm salads, batting above their average in a fabuliciouz concoction of surprising flavours.

This one combines my fam-bams forever favourite of mushrooms with the gorgeousness of fresh asparagus. Now, hubby was a wee bit reluctant to try asparagus his first time, he wasn’t quite sure what it was, but with a quick explanation of it tastes just like green beans, he popped a bit in his gob & was so pleasantly surprised he actually dug every last one out!

Firstly, melt a wee bit of butter in your wok (or frypan if you don’t have the single most bestest kitchen implement ever invented!) & toss through 200g of sliced mushrooms along with a bunch of asparagus which you’ve ensured to remove the rubber bands & sliced off the woody ends.

Next, throw in a couple of teaspoons of minced garlic & a couple of tablespoons of good old Worcestershire Sauce. Season ever so generously, as always, with salt & pepper.

Finally, whack in your all time favourite cooked fancy snag, it looks amazing if you slice on a Chinese style angle (we love Cheese Kransky in this household) & then bung in 250g of cooked pasta in whatever shape floats your boat.

Such an easy salad to knock together in a flash for all occasions this entertaining season.


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