Watermelon Slushie

Uber cool & refreshing for a steamy summer day, this fabuliciouz icy treat reminds me of my tropical home.


When the sun is shining brightly & the salt of the sea hangs heavily in the air, life easily slips into permanent holiday mode where fruity drinks, often bearing cocktail umbrellas, become the norm.

For this simple slushie, start by crushing about 6-10 ice cubes. I’ve invested in a snow ice machine for my luxurious concoctions but you can just as easily smash them up with a meat tenderiser or food processor.

Grab a slender slice of seedless watermelon & dice it up, you want about 2 cups worth. Add it into your crushed ice along with a teaspoon of honey before wazzing it together with good old Mr Buzzy (aka Stick Blender) to ensure it’s really well blended.

Pour into pretty glasses & if you wanna get really fancy pop a slice of watermelon on the side by cutting a wee slit to slide onto the rim.

Chin Chin.


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