Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder

Fall apart in your hands, Melt in your mouth, Totally drool worthy!



Last Christmas, Mini Me & I gave hubby an American Char Griller Smoker. He was totally chuffed with his gift & has spent the year absorbed in learning all he can about this fabuliciouz style of cooking. We’ve been asking loads of questions in online groups & watching tv shows such as Man Fire Food in an insatiable quest for knowledge.

Although this is a skill which takes many years to master, we believe he may have just cracked onto the right direction, at long last, to finally begin his apprenticeship.

Hubby starts with a juicy pork shoulder full of fatty flavour goodness then massages his not so secret rub into it – a blend of our standard family spice trilogy of salt, pepper & paprika! Now he is extremely generous in applying this mixture all over the meat.

He starts the fire in the smoker’s drum off to one end to create an indirect heat before allowing it to settle down to a temperature of 100c. When the correct temperature is there, he whacks onto the far side of the drum, the porky slab.

Stoking the fire every half hour or so to keep the temperature constant, he takes advantage every second opening (so that’s each hour) to spritz the sides only (to not moisten the crackle on top) of the pork with just pure straight up apple juice. This is to keep all the luscious juiciness inside.

All up this process takes the entire day of about 8 hours to achieve. It’s like when you bung the slow cooker on in the morning for dinner that night.

I like to scratch together some lovely roast veggies to serve alongside this which is as simple as popping a couple of tablespoons of duck fat into a roasting pan in the oven whilst it pre-heats up to 200c. At the same time, par-boil some peeled & chopped tatties & carrots before roughing them up in the colander as you drain them. Roughing them up lets them get those awesome crunchy bits on them – YUM! Pull out the now hot duck fat, chuck the partly cooked, roughed up veggies in it before whacking in the 200c oven for half an hour.


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