I got it all so terribly wrong!

Or should I title this post – How I have managed to sabotage my own blog!


Some eagle eyed people among you may have noticed that my countdown to the Web Show launch has disappeared from both the blog & accompanying Facebook page. I was ever so wrong to have started down that track at all.

In fact, after a year of sharing my home cooking recipes with the world, I’ve now discovered I have obliterated every rule in the big book of blogging to ensure my complete & utter failure!

So what have I done that’s been so drastically disastrous?!?! Read on, dear friend, so that you may hopefully avoid your own such scenario.

Firstly I followed this philosophy –

A year from now you’ll wish you’d of started today.

I took that quite literally & launched into creating my Facebook page to share my recipes. We were living in Milly, our vintage caravan, at that stage & had just arrived in Melbourne. I didn’t have any cooking equipment or space at all but that didn’t deter me. It wasn’t long before I upgraded to creating this blog to spread my home cooking even further.

We weren’t settled anywhere at that point of start up. We were still nomadic with no solid plans & basically I now look back in hindsight to realise that I just wanted something to be stable no matter where we went.

In this past year we have had 3 different addresses throughout Melbourne.

There has been much debate in our fam-bam of whether it’s time to plant roots, which we do agree that it is, but then the inevitable question of where has been swirling about us ever since. There are many beautiful locations around this great nation that hold a piece of our hearts hostage with loved ones everywhere! However, sometimes opportunity chooses you!

Melbourne appears to be financially good for us. After so very many years bouncing around the nation in an extremely unstable industry, Hubby retrained & has started a new career. We have gone from scattered messed up reluctant nomads to very focussed Company Owners!

Meanwhile, whilst all this has been flourishing, our Mini-Me has suffered through atrocious health issues which are still ongoing. What a roller coaster of emotions!

So, what did I do so wrong to have possibly killed my blog in my first year?

I’ve taken on too much!

I wasn’t focussed in what I wanted to achieve with my blog at the start. This has left my followers confused. Constantly changing direction, I believe, has cost me dearly with not growing. People don’t know what to expect from me therefore they don’t know if they want to follow me or not. Thank you to all who have chosen to give me a go, it’s greatly appreciated.

This first year has been one of complete & utter upheaval in our lives & I’ve allowed that to flow over into a very scattered blog. This is why I now recommend to all new bloggers, have focus! Because I lacked focus, I also broke another golden rule of blogging – I’ve been a hermit. Blogging is an online community. I haven’t reached out to that community because I haven’t known what I’m doing myself, I’ve just been trundling along waiting for a moment of clarity!

What has prompted this introspective? It’s time for me to pay up for another year of hosting this blog.

That means I had to make the decision to continue on or simply let it go.

After a year, most bloggers have successfully collected a large number of followers & are able to take off in another direction. I don’t have favourable figures at all. Despite entering into the saturated genre of food blogging, I alone must take full responsibility for this.

After a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided to give myself another chance. I do believe there is room for my Nostalgic Humble Ingredient Cooking. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with new culinary offerings each week & my fam-bam have loved chomping them! I do need to get realistic with how busy my life is though to maintain the focus of this blog with consistency. Therefore, I shall be posting recipes 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

I will still share our vintage van conversion in separate posts as well. I’m a Chocolatier & I can’t wait to get back into my sweet creations for all the fabuliciouz people here on our beautiful mountain.


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