Tex-Mex Omelette

One of Hubby’s all time favourites!

It’s full of flavour, light & fluffy – the perfect way to start the day.


Sunday morning’s are a treasured time for my fam-bam, we love to luxuriate in a long, lazy brunch & catch up on all the happenings from our busy week gone by. It’s a time to simply breathe. As such, I try to keep the culinary offerings as easy as possible to reflect this casual mood.

Firstly, open a tin of Mexican Beans & pop into a saucepan on the back burner to gently heat up whilst you get on with it.

For my Tex-Mex omelette, start by cracking some eggs (I allow 2 per person) into a bowl & whisk away until they’re light & frothy. Pour that lot into a hot oiled frypan & let it take form.

Next comes the layering stage. Gently place on one side, a slice of cheese (whatever melting type floats your boat, I’ve used Edam here) followed by a decent dollop of sour cream, salsa & the Mexican Beans.

Then, ever so carefully, fold the naked side of the egg over the filling & allow the rest of the egg to cook through. Sometimes it helps to whack on a lid to create a wee bit of steam in there.

Slide the omelette out onto a serving plate before crowning it with another slice of cheese, salsa, Mexican Beans & sour cream before getting fancy with a final flourish of parsley flakes.


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