Panang Chicken Curry

This is definitely a recipe worthy of going straight to the pool room!


The succulent nuggets of chicken simply melt in your mouth & the creaminess of the curry sauce is just divine!

Start with a large frypan heating up a good glug of peanut oil. Then brown off to seal, half a dozen diced up chicken thighs. When they’re done, bung them into the slow cooker.

Reduce the heat in your frypan then add in a couple of sliced carrots to get nice & soft, about 5 minutes or so, before popping in 2 tablespoons of Panang Curry Paste. Cook that off till it gets a heady fragrance & the fam-bam come running! Make sure you stir it constantly in the pan for about a minute for that to happen.

Pour in a 400ml tin of coconut milk along with 1 cup of chicken stock, 4 shredded up kaffir lime leaves (I just use the pre done ones in the jar from the supermarket, you find them in the Asian foods aisle & 2 tablespoons is equal to the 4 fresh leaves) & 1 tablespoon each of brown sugar & fish sauce.

Give that lot a jolly good stir then simply pour over the chook in the slow cooker, whack on the lid & turn the dial to low for 4 deliciously long drooling hours of fabuliciouz fragranz filling your home!

Serve this one garnished with some roughly chopped roasted peanuts & cooked fluffy white rice.


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