Christmas Kisses

These delicate meringues are the perfect sweet treat for home-made gifts this festive season.


Personally I love home-made gifts for Christmas. Something that you’ve taken the time to infuse with all the love in your heart for the intended recipient. These wee nuggets of pure sugary happiness would make even my mate ‘The Grinch’  (you know who you are!) smile in a heart warming festive manner…..if ever so briefly.

Simply whisk 3 egg whites together until soft peaks form. I tend to crack my egg whites into a separate bowl before adding each one, the number of times a split yolk would of ruined all my other whites makes the extra washing up totally worth it!

Next, gradually add in 175g of caster sugar slowly whilst still whisking. Make sure you add about a tablespoon at a time & whisk it in really well before adding the next lot in.

Once all the sugar is in, bung in a teaspoon of vanilla paste & give it a jolly good whisk in as well. The vanilla just gives it a really nice flavour boost but isn’t absolutely necessary if you don’t want to.

My trick is I take the mix just that wee bit too far on the whisking, until it’s like a marshmallow consistency.

Grab yourself 2 more bowls & divide out the mix so you’ve got equal thirds. Tint one bowl with green, one bowl with a rose pink (I find it softer than traditional red) & leave one bowl white.

Pop a star nozzle into a piping bag & simply fill it in the thirds with each different colour.

Line a tray with baking paper & then squirt wee dollops of colourful joy out of the piping bag.

Whack them into a 150c pre-heated oven then immediately drop that temp to 140c. Bake for half an hour then turn the oven off. DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR FOR ANY REASON! Let the meringues go cold in the oven.

When you’ve let them go cold in the oven, they will easily just peel off the paper, no effort required. You can dress them up with some edible gold shimmer or edible glitter if that floats your boat too.


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