Steak Diane

A classic staple on the menu of every Aussie country pub,

my cheats version of this saucy meat will be on the table in a flash for a quick mid-week indulgence!


My biggest time cheat with this meal is to use Veal Schnitzel cuts of meat instead of a thick steak.

I start by rubbing the meat all over with minced garlic before seasoning both sides with pepper. Then I heat up a blob (about a tablespoon) of butter in a large frypan & cook the schnitzels off completely before removing to a plate & setting aside.

Next, heat up another blob (about a tablespoon) of butter & when melted add in 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard & 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. The fancy word for what we do with that is called deglaze the pan – basically, just use the liquid to scrape up any stuck bits from the bottom, that’s all the flavour! Bung in 1/3 cup of thickened cream, give it all a jolly good stir & then simmer that lot for about 5 minutes to just slightly reduce. Throw in a good handful of dried parsley flakes & stir through before whacking back in the meat to warm up again in the sauce.

It’s Chompin Time!


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