Fiesta Dip

This Mexican inspired layered dip should definitely come with a warning label that, once tried, you shall be, forever more, required to make it for every future gathering.


I picked up this fabuliciouz wee recipe in the Northern Territory during our Top End stint. It’s just perfect for whiling away those blistering days but has served me equally well in the south on a sultry summer evening.

Grab yourself a nice dish, either quiche or lasagne, & then it’s just a simple layering game!

Layer 1 – Mix together a tin (440g) of refried beans with 2 tablespoons of salsa & spread it over the bottom of the dish

Layer 2 – Chop up 2 tomatoes (I use Black Russian as they give a much milder flavour with no acidity) along with a generous handful of Jalapeño chillies (however many float your boat!) & evenly scatter that lot over the first layer

Layer 3 – Mash up 2 gorgeously ripe avocados with just a splash of lemon juice (this prevents them from going brown so they keep that intense green colour) then smear it right in there

Layer 4 – Open up a tub (300g) of sour cream & spike it with half a packet (30g) of Taco Spice Mix then, you guessed it, slather it on top

Layer 5 – For the grand finale, crown this glorious masterpiece with an uber generous topping of grated cheddar cheese

Pop out a bowl of Corn Chips alongside & you’ve got yourself a party!


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