Paris Style Chicken Schnitzel

The title of this recipe is a literal translation of another Hungarian favourite that is quick, easy & oh so fabuliciouz!


If you like french toast or eggy bread then this is taking that flavour concept to a whole new level!

All you need to do is grab some juicy chicken thighs, place between a couple of sheets of plastic wrap & then get some frustration therapy by banging the crap out of them until they’re beautifully tenderised & all an even thickness which should be a nice thin schnitzel.

Then you simply season lightly with salt & white pepper before dusting with flour & then dipping in a basic egg wash of whisked eggs & milk – I know, shock horror, it seems like the wrong way round but that’s how it’s done.

Very carefully slip the schnitzel into some hot oil over a medium heat to shallow fry each side until they are golden & the chook is cooked through. I just love how they puff up with the egg wash! You’ll need to turn them a few times during cooking.

Remove the cooked schnitzel to drain before you then dust & dip the next one so that the oil reheats & it goes straight in rather than sitting around.

Honestly, you simply must try this dead set easy tasty dish!


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