Gourmet Hotdog

There’s a fabuliciouz trend happening that is turning this oh so humble street snack into a gourmet delight focussing on themed toppings.

I like to call this culinary creation of mine, The Chihuahua, my little Mexican Dog.


I start this one with a lovely Gluten Free bread roll which I’ve toasted just enough to give an amazing crunch before slapping down in it a juicy pork sausage (I use Cumberland style ones, those Pommies might know a thing or two about snags, eh!) which has been grilled to perfection!

Next, I top with some Mexe-beans which I’ve gently heated in a saucepan, this gives a beautiful warm tingle in the mouth, before bunging over a jolly good sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese to melt slightly with the heat.

Then, I whack on a few generous spoonfuls of mashed avocado & a dollop of sour cream before finally crowning with some diced up jalapeño chillies, just for good measure!

The Gourmet Hotdog trend really excites me as it’s a simple canvas that you can do so very much with! What culinary creations have you come up with for these wee beauties? Please feed me some ideas in the comments below!


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