Rocky Road

Is there anything more fabuliciouzly indulgent than the seductive combination of luxurious chocolate, buttery nuts, gooey marshmallow, crunchy rice puffs & scentsational Turkish Delight?!?!?!?!


I would think not! It is quintessentially the epitome of festive food frenzy-ness but you may be surprised to discover the magical memory making experience that this Fam-Bam favourite will bring to your Christmas Traditions. It’s Kids in the Kitchen time!!!!!

This easy recipe is so good to get Mini-Me into feeling apart of the whole Festive Feast preparations, which is one of the biggest things I enjoy most about this time of the year. She can pass the components to chop up & she can stir the melted chocolate through them all. This is a recipe to empower her as it appears that she is actually doing the entire thing!

So, grab a large mixing bowl & into that goes 1 cup of Cocoa Puffs, 1 bag of marshmallows (cut in half), 1 cup of cashew nuts (roughly chopped) & some chopped up Turkish Delight bars (before we were GF, I used to use 3 of the Fry’s ones but now that I make my own Turkish Delight, I just try to recreate that same amount). Mix all of those dry ingredients together to get them well dispersed.

Meanwhile, in a separate heat-proof bowl, pop in 375g of dark chocolate along with 375g of milk chocolate, then gently melt those over a pot of simmering water.

Pour the melted chocolate over the dry ingredients & simply mix them together.

Spread the mixture into a baking paper lined cake tin or tray before drizzling with a wee bit of melted white chocolate if you want to make it look that wee bit extra special. Just melt the white chocolate over the pan of simmering water the same way as the other chocolate before.

Pop it in the fridge to set the chocolate & then slice it up into squares to devour greedily or give as pretty edible gifts.


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