Party Punch

Tropically Fruity & Dangerously Drinkable!

This punch is all about Summer!


What’s a Festive Feast without a refreshing beverage?!?! In sticking with our Budget Theme, this tantalising number will leave plenty of jingle in your pockets & still keep your guests jolly.

I love Aldi Supermarkets for cheap & cheerful booze. They have a large range of award winning wines for under $5 a bottle so it’s easy to pimp them up into a knock-out punch!

Start by decanting 1 litre of pineapple juice into your bowl. Then add 3 cups of apple juice & the entire contents of a 440g tin of crushed pineapple. Stir that lot about to combine, cover & pop in the fridge to chill until you’re ready to serve!

When it’s party time, simply pour in 2 bottles of Moscato Wine, give it a swizzle & away you go!

Now you can also substitute sparkling wine instead of the sweet wine to give your punch some bubble or if you want to make this completely alcohol free, use 1 bottle of lemonade + 1 bottle of dry ginger ale.

If you’re feeling particularly Festive, why not throw in a bunch of cut up fruit as well, like apples, oranges, grapes & passionfruit, they all add to the joyousness of the occasion.


Watermelon & Honey Slushie

Warmer weather on our mountain top gets us in the mood to party!


Who doesn’t love a refreshingly cool fruity concoction on a warm day?! This combination of juicy watermelon with the sweetness of honey will definitely give your taste buds a tingle! And I’m sure that the booze hounds among you out there will very quickly work out how to sully this one 😉

It’s another easy 3 ingredient wonder of awesomeness from me to lift up your Summer!

Simply start with 6 crushed ice-cubes, add in some roughly chopped watermelon (about 2 cups worth which is a smaller wedge of the melon) & drizzle in a teaspoon of honey (I always use a local raw honey).

Grab good old Mr Buzzy (aka stick blender) to blitz that lot into a fabuliciouzly cool slushie!


Rich, Decadent, Refreshing

Whether served at a festive gathering or simply sipped in the warm sunshine as a special treat, my Choctini is always a winner.


Start off with a large saucepan & bung in 2 cups of brown sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla paste & 300ml of boiling water. Whack the pan onto a medium heat to bring to a boil before turning down heat to gently simmer away for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, grab a mixing bowl & in goes 3/4 cup of good quality cocoa powder.

When syrup has time up on the heat, start pouring it into the cocoa powder a wee bit at a time & whisk like a crazy person between each addition to ensure no pesky lumps get in there!

Set the chocolate syrup aside to cool.

When you’re ready to enjoy a fabuliciouz Choctini, simply crush up some ice into 1 cup of chilled  milk, pour in 1/4 cup of the chocolate syrup then give it a jolly good stir.

Now I’m sure I don’t need to tell you grown ups how this wee number could be the base of something altogether naughty but nice this Christmas 😉

Watermelon Slushie

Uber cool & refreshing for a steamy summer day, this fabuliciouz icy treat reminds me of my tropical home.


When the sun is shining brightly & the salt of the sea hangs heavily in the air, life easily slips into permanent holiday mode where fruity drinks, often bearing cocktail umbrellas, become the norm.

For this simple slushie, start by crushing about 6-10 ice cubes. I’ve invested in a snow ice machine for my luxurious concoctions but you can just as easily smash them up with a meat tenderiser or food processor.

Grab a slender slice of seedless watermelon & dice it up, you want about 2 cups worth. Add it into your crushed ice along with a teaspoon of honey before wazzing it together with good old Mr Buzzy (aka Stick Blender) to ensure it’s really well blended.

Pour into pretty glasses & if you wanna get really fancy pop a slice of watermelon on the side by cutting a wee slit to slide onto the rim.

Chin Chin.

Pink Lemonade

Perfectly refreshing for a sultry summer evening,

make up a big batch of this homemade pink lemonade in the morning & you can sip on it lazily all day long.


Start with a small saucepan & bung in 1 cup of caster sugar along with the peelings of 4 plump lemons & 1 cup of water. Bring that lot to the boil over a medium heat then simmer until the sugar is all dissolved. Remove from the heat & set aside to cool for later.

In your serving jug (make sure it’s a really big one as this makes a lot!), place 7-8 cups of water, the juice of the 4 lemons (or a wee bit more if you like it lemony), 1/2 a cup of cranberry juice (there’s the pink) & a good pinch of salt!

Remove the lemon peelings from the saucepan (they’ve done their job infusing all their luscious oil) & then add the syrup to the serving jug too.

Give it all a jolly good stir & you’re done.

Homemade Fizzy Lemonade

You don’t get much more traditional on a Home Farm than making your very own refreshing lemonade!


Start off by popping 3/4 cup of caster sugar into a heat proof jug & pouring over 1 cup of boiling water. Stir that until the sugar dissolves & then set it aside to completely cool.

Next, simply add in 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (or 1 whole cup if you like the Zoolander facial) along with 2 cups of sparkling water. Give it a quick stir to mix it all up well but don’t lose your bubbles before pouring over ice cubes in glasses.

Tanz Tip – for the grown ups try adding just a wee splash of vodka 😉