Layered Tatties

This is a recipe from my Mother in Law, which I’ve adapted.

Traditionally, in Hungary, they use cabbage rather than potatoes.


Start by steaming some peeled whole potatoes until they’d pass for par-boiled then slice them up into thin discs.

Heat a wee splash of oil in a frypan & brown off 500g of mince (I use chicken mince but whatever type floats your boat is fine) along with a teaspoon of minced garlic. Remember to season generously with salt & white pepper.

Pop 1/2 cup of rice into a pot of boiling water & once cooked, drain & bung in with the mince, combining well.

Grab a nice baking dish & let’s layer up – tatties on bottom, then mince/rice mix, more tatties, more mince/rice mix etc making sure you end with tatties on top.

Next, make the sauce by simply combining 1/2 cup each of thickened cream & sour cream seasoned with salt, white pepper & paprika. Pour over the layers then simply drizzle extra thickened cream around the edges of the dish to ensure it remains nice & moist.

Whack that into a 200c oven for 40 minutes.

Taco Bites

This is my spin on reinventing a classic to make it finger food friendly.


Most people love tacos, the spiced meat, luscious sour cream, a tang of cheese & a splash of sauce usually are a crowd favourite. But it’s just a wee bit messy sometimes trying to juggle a drink whilst scoffing down even the daintiest of ‘cocktail’ tacos as you try to remain the epitome of elegance. So, I have played in my kitchen to come up with this Taco Bite to give you all the fabuliciouz flavours of a Taco in the easy to handle form of a ball. You may applaud me now & call the Nobel Prize people.

Brown off 500g of chicken mince before seasoning with a 30g packet of Taco Seasoning Mix which you’ve blended in 3/4 cup of water. Give that lot a jolly good stir then allow to simmer gently whilst you crack on.

Next, bring a pot of water to the boil, add salt & cook off 1 & 1/2 cups of rice. When done, drain & bung in with the chicken mince, stirring well.

Throw in 2 handfuls of grated cheddar cheese along with a whole tub (300g) of sour cream. Mix that lot well then allow to cool & refrigerate overnight.

The following day, crush up a bag of plain salted corn chips to crumb consistency then place in a dish.

Retrieve the meaty taco mixture & roll chunks of it into whatever sized balls float your boat, then coat them in the corn chip crumb before placing them onto a tray. When all done, put the tray of taco balls into the fridge to set for about an hour.

When your guests arrive, heat up some oil in a fry pan & shallow fry the balls to golden perfection before draining on some paper towel & serving with salsa dipping sauce.

Chicken Mousaka

This traditional layered dish is Greece’s answer to the lasagne & it is every bit as fabuliciouz! 


This is a really easy dinner to prepare, it’s all about stages so just run with me here guys.

First, peel & slice an eggplant into thin rounds before placing on a tray & giving a liberal layer of salt. Set those aside for 15 minutes. The salt will draw out all the bitterness from the eggplant so you will notice them sweat. When time is up, simply dry them off with a paper towel & pan fry those babies.

Next, bung into a large mixing bowl 500g of chicken mince, 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg, 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard, 2 well beaten eggs then season ever so generously with salt, white pepper & dried oregano. Get you best kitchen utensils, aka your hands, in there to give it a jolly mix through before setting aside as well.

Finally, it’s a simple cheese sauce to knock together. In a saucepan, over the lowest heat setting possible, melt 2 tablespoons of butter then remove from the heat to add in 2 tablespoons of plain flour & 1 teaspoon of salt. Mix it together before returning to the lowest heat to cook off that flour, keep stirring it the whole time though. When you’re happy that the flour has been cooked off, basically the clumpy mess has turned nice & smooth again, start adding in ever so slowly 2 & 1/2 cups of milk. The trick to this is slow & steady wins the race – be the tortoise! Never stop stirring it so you avoid those icky lumps. Once all the milk is in, throw in a couple of cups worth of grated cheddar cheese. Crank that heat up to a steady medium to melt it in & slightly thicken the sauce.

Now it’s assembly time!

Into your oven proof dish goes half that fabuliciouz cheese sauce, then a layer of half of the pan fried eggplant rounds followed by the entire amount of seasoned chicken mince, top that with the rest of the eggplant rounds & then pour over the remainder cheese sauce. Crown your creation eloquently with yet more grated cheddar cheese & some grated parmesan just for good measure before whacking into a 180c oven for 45 minutes!

Outback Burgers

A flavour packed meat pattie that’s sure to round up your taste buds!


Not to be outdone in the kitchen, this is a recipe which hubby has come up with all by himself! These would be awesome on the alter of burnt offerings (aka BBQ) but were just as fabuliciouz in our grill pan.

Start by bunging 500g of beef mince along with 500g of pork mince into a large mixing bowl before seasoning generously with salt & white pepper. Next crack in 1 egg, splash in 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, a handful of whichever type of crumb floats your boat, a handful of grated cheddar cheese & a copious amount of chopped up jalapeño chillies (whatever heat you can handle!). Give that lot a jolly good mix before forming into large balls, about tennis ball size.

Heat up your lightly oiled pan or BBQ, then whack the balls on before flattening with the back of your spatula to form the meat pattie.

Hubby turns these numerous times during cooking to keep them nice & juicy moist!


Pancake Rolls

These wee rippers are absolutely amazing for dinner, brunch or picnics!

Wrap your laughing gear around them & you won’t be disappointed!

They’re a sausage roll wrapped in pancake instead of pastry then crumbed & fried!



Start with making your basic pancakes by bunging in a mixing bowl 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg & a good pinch of salt then giving it a jolly good whisk to form a smooth batter. Gently heat up a flat bottomed pan, spray with some oil & pour enough of the batter to thinly coat the pan base, you’ll probably need to channel your inner chef with some fancy wrist swirling action. When bubbles appear all over the surface, the pancake is ready to carefully flip. Allow the other side to colour slightly before sliding out onto a plate. Crack on with the rest of the batter to make all your pancakes.

Whilst the pancakes are cooling, grab another mixing bowl to make the filling. In goes 500g of your favourite mince (we like a blend of pork & veal) along with 1 teaspoon of minced garlic & 1 & 1/2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Then season it ever so generously with my kitchen trilogy of salt, white pepper & paprika, along with a sprinkling of dried mixed herbs. Mash it all up to combine really well before forming into sausage shapes.

Next it’s production line time!

Station 1 is the mince sausage shapes.

Station 2 is the pancakes.

Station 3 is a bowl of flour.

Station 4 is a bowl of egg wash.

Station 5 is a bowl of crumb.

I think you can all see where this is going, right?! Take a mince sausage shape, place it on the third of the pancake that’s closest to you then fold over the small pancake section to encase the sausage before tucking in each side of the pancake & rolling up fully. Basically, use the pancake exactly the same as a Rice Paper round. Dust the roll in the flour ever so carefully as the little blighter will be fighting to unfurl before dipping in the egg wash, this is where it all holds together & finally coat in the crumb. Line them all up on a waiting tray or plate as you get on with it.

Heat up a solid glug of oil in a frypan over the lowest setting possible & shallow fry each roll gently, turning to get a good colour. This will take about 10 minutes on each roll, then whack them in a 150c oven for about another 10 minutes just to ensure the middle is cooked all the way through.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Every Christmas my fam-bam looked forward to my Savoury Vol-au-Vents,

since discovering Gluten issues, however, these pastry favourites have been missing from our festive fare ~ Until Now!

Gorgeous Portabello Mushrooms make the perfect Gluten Free alternative to carry my luscious, slightly curried, mince filling.


Start with 2 cups of water in a mixing jug & add in 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 3 tablespoons of gravy powder, 1 tablespoon of curry powder, 1 teaspoon of minced garlic & a jolly good sprinkling of dried mixed herbs. Combine that lot well & set aside.

Heat a glug of oil in a frypan & cook off 500g of chicken mince, remembering to season ever so generously with salt & white pepper for flavour.

Pour the liquid mixture over the mince & stir well. Next, throw in a cupful of mixed frozen veggies & let it all simmer away to soften them up.

Then comes the kicker……..chuck in a good solid handful (about 1 cup) of grated cheddar cheese to melt through which will thicken it all up slightly.

Now, the fun bit – drizzle a wee bit of oil on a baking pan & brush it all over before lining up your mushrooms. Gently push the stalks away from you with your thumb until you hear them break then pull back again slightly to pop them out cleanly. Put your mushroom cups on the oiled tray, fill them with the mince mixture & then crown them gloriously with more grated cheddar cheese.

Whack that lot in a 180c oven for 15 minutes & It’s Chompin Time!

A simply stunning way to kick off Christmas morning.

Kiev Logs

This one is a wee bit of a fancy pants snag really, taking inspiration from that classic of Chicken Kiev.


So all I do for this fabuliciouz mutation is let a 250g block of butter soften before flavouring it with minced garlic (I use 3 or 4 heaped teaspoons but it really does depend on how much floats your boat) & bunging in a generous amount of dried parsley flakes.

Give that lot a jolly good mix up, then shape into little sausages & place on a baking paper lined tray. Whack them in the fridge to firm up nicely or until you’re ready to use them.

Next, season 500g of chicken mince with salt & white pepper. Also set up a shallow bowl of crumb seasoned with salt, white pepper, more parsley flakes & a good handful of grated parmesan cheese.

It’s production line time!

Take a garlic butter log, encase it in the seasoned chicken mince then roll it in the spiked up crumb. Keep going until you’ve got them all done.

Heat up a good glug of oil in a frypan & shallow fry the logs off on all sides to a beautiful golden crunch.

Festive Asian Rolls

Tis the Season to Party!!!!!

Whether you’re hosting a Fabuliciouz Summer BBQ, a Wintery Northern Feast or the Family Christmas Dinner, these wee rippers are sure to get the festivities started on an unusual note.


Start by heating a good glug of oil in a frypan & cooking off 500g of Turkey mince, remembering to season it well with salt & white pepper. Add in a generous handful of cashew nuts (my all time weakness!) along with some dried cranberries. Fry all that lot off until you see those wee red jewels begin to puff back to life & the nuts have an absolutely glorious sheen to them.

When it’s all good & crispy, drizzle in a couple of tablespoons of honey. That adds a gorgeous shine to the whole dish as it glazes everything. Remove the frypan from the heat & let it cool down enough to handle.

Next, you wanna find some good quality dried rice paper for rolling. All the supermarkets have the export quality now so should be easy enough, but remember there are Asian groceries about too if you have trouble.

The trick to using rice paper is to know that the rough side is what you want facing up to put your filling on so the lovely smooth side is what you see later.

Using a bowl of water, gently place the rice paper circle in for a few seconds dunking before lifting out onto a clean tea-towel. Work quickly now! Pinch up some filling mix out of the frypan & drop it along the side closest to you, just off from the edge. You want to make sure you don’t overfill rice paper rolls or they’ll split. Gently tuck the filling into bed with the small edge you’ve left by lifting it up & over the filling, next you need to fold in each side. You’re filling is now encased in it’s blankie. Then it’s a simple case of rolling it up to the end.

Line up all your rolls in a dish or on a tray as you complete each one, being very careful not to let them touch as they will stick together.

Now, it’s a textural thing of whatever floats your boat. Some people prefer to eat them just like this with a dipping sauce for the chewiness of the rice paper rolls at this stage. My fam-bam prefer to take it to the next level.

The secret trick to this one is to whack them in the fridge for a few hours to dry out so they don’t explode!

Heat some oil in a frypan to shallow fry the rolls until they turn delightfully golden & crispy on each side before draining off & It’s Chompin Time!

Turkey Meatballs

Festive flavours of Turkey, Apple & Cinnamon luxuriously smothered in a chicken stock reduction sauce served over creamy mashed potato.


Even during a severe storm with no power, meatballs are a great go-to meal for uplifting the spirit & providing comfort while the weather rages outside. All you need is a wee gas cooker & it’s just like camping!

Grab your mixing bowl & bung in 500g of Turkey mince, 1 egg, 50g of whatever type of crumb floats your boat, 1/4 cup of apple sauce, a pinch of ground cinnamon & then season generously with good old salt & pepper.

Get your hands in there & mix it all up thoroughly before shaping into meatballs.

Heat up a good glug of oil in a deep saucepan & fry off the balls to brown then whack in 2 cups of chicken stock & let it simmer away for 20 minutes to reduce & infuse the meatballs with even more flavour!

Serve these festive baubles over creamy mash tatties & you’ve got yourself a warm hug.

Spanish Meatballs

These wee morsels of fabuliciouzness are scrummily flavoured with cumin & cinnamon.

An absolute hit with my fam-bam!


Bung into a mixing bowl 500g chicken mince, 1 egg, 50g crumb, 3 teaspoons of minced garlic, 2 teaspoons of ground cumin, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon & then season generously with salt & pepper. Get your hands in there to give it a jolly good mash up before rolling into lovely bite sized balls.

Next, make the sauce. Pop a good glug of oil into a saucepan to fry off a teaspoon of minced garlic before pouring in an entire can (400g) of chopped tomatoes & season well with my favourite kitchen trilogy of paprika, salt & pepper. Let that simmer gently for about half an hour, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, get those balls fried off nicely in either a hot griddle pan or just heat a wee glug of oil in a normal frypan to get them nice & brown.

Whack the balls into the sauce & let them mingle for about 10 minutes to infuse all their lusciousness then serve over fluffy cooked rice.