Gourmet Hotdog

There’s a fabuliciouz trend happening that is turning this oh so humble street snack into a gourmet delight focussing on themed toppings.

I like to call this culinary creation of mine, The Chihuahua, my little Mexican Dog.


I start this one with a lovely Gluten Free bread roll which I’ve toasted just enough to give an amazing crunch before slapping down in it a juicy pork sausage (I use Cumberland style ones, those Pommies might know a thing or two about snags, eh!) which has been grilled to perfection!

Next, I top with some Mexe-beans which I’ve gently heated in a saucepan, this gives a beautiful warm tingle in the mouth, before bunging over a jolly good sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese to melt slightly with the heat.

Then, I whack on a few generous spoonfuls of mashed avocado & a dollop of sour cream before finally crowning with some diced up jalapeño chillies, just for good measure!

The Gourmet Hotdog trend really excites me as it’s a simple canvas that you can do so very much with! What culinary creations have you come up with for these wee beauties? Please feed me some ideas in the comments below!


Toad in the Hole

This all time classic British meal certainly surprised Hubby, who wasn’t too sure at first, but is ever so glad he ate it!

Juicy sausages are lusciously encased in a golden, fluffy dough.


This one is so simple, you can devour alone or team with a fresh salad, to make an almost effortless meal!

Start by making the batter. Grab yourself a mixing bowl & bung in 115g of plain flour along with a good pinch of salt. Make a well in the centre to pop in 1 well beaten egg & 150ml of milk. Stir until it’s nice & smooth before adding in another 150ml of milk & ensure it’s all mixed nicely. Set that aside for half an hour while you crack on with the snags.

Pre-heat the oven to 220c before greasing an oven proof dish really well.

Line up 8 or so sausages in the oven dish & prick them all over. Coat them in a wee bit of oil, about a tablespoon worth should do, you don’t want to drown them. Then whack that lot in the now hot oven for 10 minutes so they get a nice colour on them.

Pull the snags out & very quickly pour over your batter & get them straight back in that hot oven. Bake for about 40 minutes, just until you see the batter is actually cooked (no longer bubbling) & is gorgeously risen & golden.

Daggie Dog Pops

Dagwood Dogs, Pluto Pups or Corn Dogs

These ripper show treats are awesome no matter what you call them!

I’ve got a mini version that my fam-bam goes absolutely nuts for!


Start off by filling a pot with water & throwing in some sausages, I use pork snags but whatever floats your boat, really. Bring that up to the boil & let the sausages cook in the boiling water. This makes them super soft & creamy.

Place double the amount of bamboo skewers to sausages into a shallow container of water to soak for half an hour.

Next, we want to whip up a batch of my go-to for everything batter.

Crack 2 eggs into a mixing bowl then pour in 2 cups of milk before adding a good pinch of salt & whisk away. Slowly, and I do mean slowly, add bits of flour (I use gluten free, of course) and whisk each addition in before adding more. This makes it easier to get a smooth batter free from lumps. The amount of flour you use is always different. You need to just keep adding until you’re happy with the consistency. We’re looking for a nice thick coating that will stick to the snags.

Speaking of the snags, Grab a set of tongs & lift each one out of the water slowly so they drain before removing any bits of skin that may still be clinging on & slicing each one in half.

Take a bamboo skewer & gently insert it on the flat sliced end of the sausage going straight up towards the end. Repeat this until all the snags have been impaled.

Dunk the sausages into the batter & deep fry in hot oil until the batter is lusciously golden. Remember, the snags are already cooked inside so it’s just the batter you’re frying.

Drain those off on a cooling wire suspended over a baking tray before serving with your favourite dipping sauces.

Pepper Sauce Snags

This wee recipe has a really nice flavour tingle without blowing your head off. 

Mini Me even gave me both hands & feet up in the air! That’s a long way over just a thumbs up.


This one is spectacularly simple!

Fill a pot with water & pop 500g worth of sausages in it before bringing up to the boil.

In another saucepan, stir together 50ml of white wine (never without in my fridge!) & 250ml (1 cup) of beef stock. Reduce that by half as it simmers away nicely.

Bung in 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper along with 1/4 cup of thickened cream & give it a jolly good stir.

Meanwhile, the sausages should be cooked in the boiling water so get those out onto a chopping board. Remove any skins that haven’t already peeled off in the water & slice up your snags into bite sized pieces.

Whack the sausages into the sauce & let them get friendly (maybe put on a little mood music, light a candle – but I digress). Simply stir them through the sauce to coat & take up some of that luscious flavour.

If it floats your boat to have a thicker sauce, just stir in a tablespoon of corn flour (I use gluten free, of course).

My fam-bam likes this scooped over creamy mashed potato but you could choose whatever sides you wish.

Devilled Sausages

It’s another absolute classic from our childhood kitchens!

Succulent sausages nestled in a rich tomato onion sauce studded with soft apples.


Pre-heat your oven to 200c.

Grab an ovenproof dish & bung in a 500g packet of sausages, a sliced onion & a granny smith apple that you’ve peeled & sliced up.

In a measuring jug combine 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 1 tablespoon of mustard powder, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper & 1 tablespoon of brown sugar.

Pour that lot over the snags, onion & apple in the ovenproof dish, give it a jolly good mix up before covering the dish. If your dish doesn’t have a lid then just use foil (secret tip – the shiny side of foil always goes on the inside with the food!) then whack that in the oven for 1 & 1/2 hours, just stir a couple of times during cooking.

Pigs in Blankets

It’s high time that this wee classic made it’s way back on to our party tables!

It’s quick, it’s easy & it let’s you get out of the kitchen to entertain your guests.


Honestly, the only thing simpler than this recipe would be to just bust open a bag of crisps & dump in a bowl. In fact, that could be the perfect accompaniment.

All you have to do for these wee treats is to cut some skinless American style hotdogs in half before thinly slicing some puff pastry strips to gently wrap around them. Use your fingers to smooth the ends out onto the actual sausage so they stick.

Next, place your tucked in beauties onto a lined baking tray, brush some milk over the pastry & whack them in a 180c oven for about half an hour or so, just for the pastry to puff up & turn a nice golden brown.

Serve those up with your favourite various sauces & you’ll be a superstar at the next kids party, ladies tea or watching the footy this season!

Curried Sausages

Here’s my cheat’s Curried Sausages for when you just can’t be bothered making the real deal but it’s every bit as fabuliciouz!


Start off by bunging 8 snags into a large pot & covering with water. Bring that to a boil to cook.

Meanwhile, grab yourself a large frypan & whack in a 400ml tin of coconut milk before adding in the juice of half a lemon (or just a jolly good squirt from the lemon juice bottle!), a generous pinch of salt & as much curry powder as your taste buds can handle (I use good old Keens). Then simply bring it to a simmer, stirring occasionally.

At this point you can choose to throw in a handful of frozen veggies to cook in the curry sauce.

Start dragging the snags out of the water to your chopping board. I was well trained by my old dog (bless her wee departed soul) to remove the skins for her cut before slicing up the soft snags & throwing them in the sauce.

Mix well to coat & serve with rice, noodles or pasta – whatever floats your boat.