Under Renovation

My Fam-Bam & I would love to wish you all a very Happy & Safe Easter. 

I have been studying very hard towards my Diploma of Professional Photography & am extremely excited about my future direction within this fabulously dynamic industry. But don’t worry! My plans involve combining my two passions of Food & Photos!

When we come back, after Easter, it will be with a whole new format. I look forward to the big reveal!


Festive Feasting on a Budget

Starting tomorrow, I shall be launching into my favourite series! It’s Christmas Festive Feast!!!!

Now a lot of families do it tougher than most at this time of the year but I truly believe that Christmas needs to be special no matter what! So this year, I shall be offering up a sumptuous festive feast on a modest budget.

Five stress busting recipes will be coming at you before Christmas that will make your day special without emptying your wallet.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I open my advent door in the very special Global project of the ‘Spice It Up’ Advent Calendar then follow along as I complete your easy Christmas meal.

Life’s Lessons

Everything can change in the blink of an eye,

or in the beat of the heart.


Why have I been M.I.A?

My most gorgeous Hubby, my Soul Mate & Life Partner became very ill with pneumonia which then caused him to have a Heart Attack.

Sitting in our lounge room on that night, receiving sporadic information from the hospital, starring worriedly at our most precious child, I could not contain the flood of tears or the absolute terrifying fear which held me firmly in it’s clutches. I wrote him a text to his phone that night –

I don’t want to do this without you!

Mercifully, he was already in the hospital for his pneumonia when the Heart Attack struck. Angels had even guided a nurse to be standing at the foot of his bed actually looking at him when it happened. He received the help he needed immediately. For this, I shall be forever grateful. I still have my darling Hubby by my side.

This heralds in the start of a brand new Life Chapter for us as we learn a different way to live Post Heart Attack. Luckily, we don’t have to change much, yet.

When you’re reminded just how extraordinarily fragile life actually is & how it can be snatched away from you in an instant, all of your carefully crafted plans suddenly blur…….

Our Incredible Shrinking Act!

Tanya released an impressive 16cm from her waistline, whilst Andy dropped a whopping 17cm from his hips!

All in just 30 short days with no exercise!


Simply by using these magnificent Nutritional Supplements to nourish their bodies.


We’ve known for a very long time that modern Western farming practices have severely affected the nutrition within the food we eat, that’s why we need to supplement our contemporary diet to put back all the good wholesomeness that is simply no longer there. We want to be ACTIVE ELDERLY – that means we need to INVEST in ourselves NOW whilst we’re reasonably still young!

Enter Isagenix!

The first thing you need to understand about Isagenix is that it is NOT just another weight loss shake. It is a highly concentrated super food of Nutrition! There is a bounty of independent diverse Scientific testing to back it up!

By flooding our bodies with the Nutrition that they need, we are able to reboot our systems! When our bodies receive the correct Nutrition, they naturally release the toxic fat stores they’ve built up – hence weight loss is simply a pleasant side affect of good, healthy Nutrition.

We are now full of life & vitality!

We love these products so much our goal is to share this fabulous Nutrition Program with as many people as possible because it’s all about putting the nourishment back into our bodies that modern farming practices have taken out!

Have a good snoop around our website by following the below link, where you can check out all the products & the Science for yourself in your own time before using the contact page on there to drop us a line & have a chat about how to Live Your Best Life!

You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to others.


Miss Milly’s Niche

Determine who you are and what your brand is,

and what you’re not.

The rest of it is just a lot of noise.

– Geoffrey Zakarian


Anyone who has the dream, combined with the determination to achieve it, about opening their own food venue will completely understand the eye glaze over that you receive whenever you dare mention your plans.

I’m sure people don’t mean to do it, yet you see the definite change from brightly lit full of interest sparkle as they enquire about what your business will be to dull, lifeless, please let it be over, sorry I asked, not another cafe blankness.

I have noticed a rather odd occurrence though, I see this first excited interest followed by the zone out at the mention of a Teahouse only to regain their curiosity as I say that I am a Chocolatier. Everybody loves Chocolate!

Rejoice Mountain Chocoholics!

Miss Milly shall be a dedicated temple to the luscious elixir of the Aztecs. Everything on offer will be made of Chocolate! From sweets to drinks to savoury, all will be a Chocolate lover’s fantasy.

Now, I will admit, I am just a tad rusty with my skills. My chocolate equipment has been in storage for the past two years as we travelled in Milly & then started the process of settling down & collecting our life from up north. I know it must be in one of these boxes somewhere! I am yearning to get back to my chocolate work, yet I am a wee bit anxious about such a long break too. Hopefully it’ll be like riding a bike but I am aware it is a skill that if you don’t use it, you lose it! Luckily, I have quite some time to practice & get back up to scratch whilst we convert Miss Milly to the gorgeous Bohemian Teahouse she is destined to become.

A balanced diet is a Chocolate in each hand.

Friends on the Hill, Monbulk

Once in a while, you’ll stumble across a little gem that surprises you so much you just know you’re gonna become a regular!


We’re currently scouring the Dandenong Ranges, a much overlooked foodie region, in search of our next home. I mean, just take a look at this photo to see our attraction to the region! Yes, those are big kangaroos next to the vineyard!

So, anyhow, we’re driving around in absolutely atrocious weather so we can see what it’s like on the mountain in the abysmal conditions as well as the perfect tourist sunshine. This kind of opportunity is rare for us ahead of a move as we’ve traditionally criss crossed the nation so rely on the internet for information. I must admit, I was becoming a wee bit cranky. I was tired & irritable because I was just simply hungry. We’d tried to have take out dinner the night before, only to get home to discover they’d given us the wrong order! There was nothing I could eat in there. Normally, we’d just brush it off as one of those things I simply have to put up with now as a Celiac, but we were miffed because we’d actually nagged the staff numerous times checking they were getting our order right & I even saw my Gluten Free option sitting on the bench as the girl was packing ours up & asked her isn’t that mine to which she said no! I had then made the mistake of leaving the house the next morning without breakfast! Oops, my bad! So it was little wonder then that by lunch time I was flailing, after all, it had been 24 hours since I’d really had anything to eat.

We found a park in the village of Monbulk, a gorgeous local’s village that is obviously the hub of the region. As we stalked the street in the rain, I made the somewhat ignorant statement that I surely wouldn’t find anything to eat here either. It’s just so difficult to eat out when you have a dietary issue. It has made me change from being such a big part of the vibrant food scene to becoming a virtual recluse eating at home.

The most inviting of cafe’s had a lovely fire going in the corner & I said to hubby, if nothing else I could at least have a cup of tea to warm up while he & Mini Me had some lunch.

Imagine my surprise when the waitress brought over the menu which was absolutely littered with fabuliciouz Gluten Free options!

Normally, if we manage to find anything at all for me to eat on a menu, it’s only 1 or possibly 2 choices, if I’m lucky, & it’s usually not what I want to eat as it’s always the same option everywhere. I can happily report that at Friends on the Hill, every single Gluten Free item was a total breath of fresh air! I want to munch my way through that entire menu! Everything, just bring me everything, was what I fought back saying when placing my order but I tempered my gluttony & chose the Tomato & Basil Soup. Oh good lord, I was not disappointed!

Upon chatting with the chef to express my extreme gratitude for the variety on the menu (I could even have a burger if I want!) I discovered that the Head Chef’s mother is Celiac so that is why he is so sympathetic to the cause!

Friends on the Hill at Monbulk truly are now my mates! I can’t wait to find a home up there & become a regular.

And so it Begins……

Whenever life throws you an unexpected detour, simply yell


and just get on with it.

So I am currently in the Intensive Care Unit of a major hospital in Melbourne. It’s our 4th night of beside vigil alongside Mini Me. I won’t lie, she’s in a bad way. A war is raging in her little body between pneumonia, severe asthma & now a brand new player has hit the battle field – diabetes.

You may not see any new recipes from me for the coming week, I’m kind of preoccupied right now, but when I get back I can already see a higher purpose developing for me out of all this trauma. In addition to my own Gluten Free dietary requirements, I will also need to plunge, head first, into the Diabetic Diet.

It’s a brand new world……..