My Buzz Juice

How do you do it all?


This is the question that I am asked time & again when people learn just how much I squeeze into each day!

I somehow mysteriously manage to be able to Homeschool our daughter whilst running her around to a plethora of medical appointments with over half a dozen different specialist teams whilst still balancing her training & Dance Competitions to become a Professional Ballerina all while running this blog & being a Company Director to our growing business as well!

So yes, I do have quite a bit on my plate!

I used to answer jokingly with copious amounts of wine 😀 but the honest truth is that I wasn’t coping with my workload at all. It left me in a constant state of exhaustion. I was totally, utterly wrung out by the end of each day which had a terrible effect on my health as Chronic Stress Fatigue set in.

Then I found Ionix Supreme. 

Master Formulator, John Anderson, has combined Ancient Wisdom from Indian Ayurvedic, centuries old Siberian tradition & classical Chinese Medicine to provide this unique botanical concentrate designed to manage the negative effects of stress on the body.

It’s a nutrient rich tonic packing a knock out punch of adaptogens, antioxidants & trace minerals. Check out this 6 page info booklet on the link below for all the facts!

Ionix Supreme is nature’s answer for energy, stamina & overall health. Even if you can’t change everything about your lifestyle, you can still improve your health, reduce your stress, create more energy to get through your day & simply enjoy your life more.

The benefits of Ionix Supreme –

  • Reduces effects from stress
  • Helps balance ALL body systems
  • Supports energy & physical performance
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Increases vitality & mental focus
  • Supports greater overall health
  • Youthful ageing
  • NO artificial stimulants

I simply throw back a straight shot, as pictured, but you can also enjoy Ionix Supreme as a fabuliciouz herbal tea when mixed with warm water. Although I am currently using several of the nutritional supplements from the extensive company range available, it is Ionix Supreme which has now made me a lifelong consumer – I simply could not get through my day anymore without my Buzz Juice!

To order your own bottle of Ionix Supreme & discover for yourself nature’s answer for optimal health & better personal performance, simply follow the link below to order.

Ionix Supreme has been a total life changer for me.